Licensed Tree Service Companies

Any contracted tree care must 1) completed by a licensed vendor, 2) have an approved Vegetation Alteration Permit, and 3) comply with City ordinances.

If your tree service contractor is not licensed, the police will stop work until a Tree Service License is obtained. Refer your contractor to the Forms & Permits webpage to file and pay for a license online.

If you are removing a tree, you must complete a Vegetation Alteration Permit. Also available for completion online on the Forms & Permits webpage.

Please familiarize yourself with City Ordinance 900.19 (p. 33 of Ch. 9 Zoning Ordinances) for tree or vegetation removal and tree replacement policies before starting any landscaping project.

All currently licensed tree service companies can be found on the Protecting Lakes & Trees webpage (Home > Residents > Protecting Lakes & Trees.

If you don’t already have it, please bookmark the City website at