Protecting Lakes & Trees

Woodland prides itself on its trees and protects its healthy, lush canopy. For that reason, we require all tree service contractors to be licensed with the City, so they know our ordinances. For maintenance, trimming or tree removal, please select from one of the companies listed below. (Updated May 1, 2019)

  • Please review Woodland tree ordinances before planning any work.
  • Large landscaping projects may require a Vegetation Alteration Permit. Review plans with Zoning Administrator Dale Cooney before starting work.
  • A permit is required for 1) extensive vegetation clearing, 2) removal of any tree with a diameter > 6", 3) removal of any vegetation related to construction  projects.
  • Boxelder, buckthorn, willow, cottonwood, green ash, Siberian elm, prickley ash, and dead or diseased trees do not require permits for removal.