Protecting Lakes & Trees

Protecting the nature is a vital aspect Woodland's history and culture. The treasures of Woodland lie within the natural beauty of its lakes and trees. Valuing these natural resources is the driving force behind the City's Comprehensive Plan, which sets guidelines for development to ensure that future generations will be able to appreciate Woodland as we do now.

Water stewardship is an intrinsic responsibility of a lakeshore community and the City of Woodland is fortunate to encompass miles of Lake Minnetonka shoreline, Lake Marion, Shavers Lake and multiple lush wetlands within its boundaries. For this reason, the City works closely with the agencies below on all matters that affect water quality in our area.

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

Lake Minnetonka Conservation District

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Woodland prides itself on its trees and protects its healthy, lush canopy. For that reason, we require all tree service contractors to be licensed with the City, so they know our ordinances. For maintenance, trimming or tree removal, please select from one of the companies listed below. (Updated May 1, 2019)

  • Please review Woodland tree ordinances before planning any work.
  • Large landscaping projects may require a Vegetation Alteration Permit. Review plans with Zoning Administrator Dale Cooney before starting work.
  • A permit is required for
    1. Any extensive vegetation clearing
    2. Removal of any tree with a diameter greater than 6 inches
    3. Removal of any vegetation related to construction  projects.
  • Boxelder, buckthorn, willow, cottonwood, green ash, Siberian elm, prickley ash, and dead or diseased trees do not require permits for removal.

Tree Service Companies

All of these companies have a 2019 license to work within the City of Woodland. City ordinances require any cutting or trimming within Woodland be done by a licensed contractor. Please refer to City ordinances and policies with regard to changing vegetation within the City of Woodland.

1st Choice Tree & Landscaping


Arbor 1 Tree Experts LLC

Bartlett Tree Experts LLC

Bratt Tree Company

Davey Tree Expert Company

Elijah's Treecare LLC

Emery's Tree Service Inc.

Jay's Tree Care & Firewood

LawnPros Lawn Care LLC

Meridian Tree Inc.

Ostvig Tree Inc.

Rainbow Treecare

Ryan's Tree Care LLC

Sam's Lawn Care Inc.

SavATree LLC

Scanlon Tree Service LLC

Shadywood Tree Experts & Landscaping

Shorewood Tree Service LLC

Twin City Tree Authority

Viking Land Tree Care

Vineland Tree Care