Election Information

Elections in 2020

Woodland polling place is at 2860 East Road, enter the lower level through garage. Parking is available in a small lot and along the east side of East Road. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Election Judges needed. Elections cannot be held without the invaluable contributions of our local election judges. Please consider serving your community as an election judge this year. All hours, both training and work, are paid and meals are provided. Complete an Election Judge Application - 2020 and email it to the City Clerk as soon as possible.


Run by the Office of the Secretary of State, MNVotes.org serves as a voter information portal and provides information on how and where to vote in any upcoming election. You may register to vote, vote online and check on your voter registration or ballot status. It is also where to update voter registration information such as address or name changes. Everything related to voting in Minnesota can be done through MNVotes.org.


To be eligible to vote in Minnesota, you must be

  • at least 18 years old.
  • a citizen of the United States.
  • a resident of Minnesota for 20 days preceding the Election Day.

To register to vote, go to the Secretary of State website and follow the step-by-step process. By signing and dating the application, you are swearing that you are eligible to vote. The application may be submitted anytime except during the 20 days immediately preceding any election. We recommend registering at least 30 days prior to an election.

In addition to the link above, the Voter Registration Application may be obtained by:

  • Visiting Deephaven City Hall, located at 20225 Cottagewood Road.
  • Calling City Hall at 952-474-4755 and request that a Voter Registration Application be mailed to you.
  • Registering to vote when you apply or renew your driver's license.
  • Registering to vote online at MNvotes.org.

To check if you are registered to vote, go to the Voter Registration Lookup.

Completed Voter Registration Applications (paper forms) should be returned to either:

  • City of Woodland, 20225 Cottagewood Road, Deephaven, MN 55331
  • Hennepin County Elections, Hennepin County Government Center, 300 South 6th Street, MC 012, Minneapolis, MN 55487-0012


Any previously registered voter who has had a name or address change since the last election must re-register to vote. A change of name or address requires a new registration and a new signature on the Voter Registration Application. Follow this link to re-register. Remember, if you have moved, you must vote in your new precinct, which you can locate using the Polling Place Finder. Do not return to your old precinct to vote.


A registration is cancelled if the voter:

  • Has been convicted of a felony without having his/her/their civil rights restored.
  • Is under guardianship of another person.
  • Has been found by a court to be legally incompetent to vote.
  • Is not a citizen of the United States.
  • Has not voted for more than four years.


Eligible voters of Woodland may vote by absentee ballot if they are unable to get to the polling place on Election Day. You do not have to be registered to vote to apply for an absentee ballot, but it does make the process easier. If you need to register to vote, you may want to do that online before applying for an absentee ballot.

You have the option to vote absentee one-time for one election or apply for permanent absentee status. For a one-time absentee ballot, you'll find information below for online, by mail, in-person voting options. To apply for permanent absentee status use this form and you will automatically be mailed absentee voting ballots 60-days prior to all future elections – complete with instructions and envelopes to mail in your completed ballot.

Active-duty military voter or overseas voter, use the special application for military and overseas voters.

Tracking your absentee ballot, click here. If you have already submitted your absentee application, do not submit another online. Use the Absentee Ballot Lookup to find out where your ballot is in the process, or contact the Hennepin County Election office at [email protected].

Voting Absentee–apply online and vote by mail

Applying for an absentee ballot online is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.mnvotes.org
  2. Click on "OTHER WAYS TO VOTE"
  3. Click on "Vote early by mail"
  4. On the new page, scroll down. Under Presidential Primary, click on "Apply online."
  5. Scroll down to "County where you live" and select Hennepin. For City, please select your postal city (for Woodland, it's Wayzata). Your vote will be counted correctly to Woodland by your street address.
  6. Your absentee ballot will be mailed to you. Follow the instructions provided and mail it back to Hennepin County.

Online voting is not an option if you do not have an email address or one of the forms of ID required (driver's license or social security number).

For your absentee ballot to count, please remember this important information:

  • Read and follow the instructions that come with your absentee ballot.
  • You will need a witness when you vote and complete your ballot. The witness must be either a registered Minnesota voter or a notary public.
  • Mail back the finished ballot forms right away. Your ballot will not count if it is received after Election Day.

Voting Absentee–in person

Voting is available at City Hall starting 46 days before an election. Starting January 17 for the Presidential Nomination Primary (PNP). Deephaven City Hall is located at 20225 Cottagewood Road, Deephaven. It serves Deephaven, Greenwood and Woodland. Please have your Minnesota driver's licence and social security number ready and allow about 20 minutes to complete the voting process.


Identification - Proofs of Residence

Everyone registering on Election Day must provide proof of residence. Only proofs authorized by law may be used and they are listed below. A voter is allowed to leave and come back in order to get what they need to register. (M.S.201.061;M.R.8200.5100)

  • Valid Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota learner’s permit or Minnesota ID card with the current residence listed.
  • The yellow receipt for a Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit or ID card.
  • Tribal ID card with name, current address, signature, and picture issued by the tribal government of a tribe recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Tribal band members are not required to live on an Indian reservation in order to use a tribal identification card to prove residence.

OR a combination these documents:

Approved Photo IDs (choose one)

  • Driver's license, state ID or learner’s permit issued by any state
  • United States passport
  • United States Military or Veteran ID
  • Tribal ID with the name, signature and photo of the voter
  • Minnesota university, college, or technical college ID
  • Minnesota high school ID

Approved Documents (choose one) with current residence listed

  • Residential lease or rental agreement (must be valid through Election Day)
  • Current student fee statement
  • An invoice or account statement, due or dated within 30 days of election, listing the current residence (phone, cable, internet, garbage, utilities, credit card or rent/mortgage)

Woodland City Election

In conjunction with the State General Election, the City of Woodland will hold its municipal election November 3, 2020. Woodland voters will elect a Mayor and two Council Members.

Terms for these Council positions are four years beginning at the first meeting in January, 2021 and ending December 31, 2024. Residents interested in running for office in Woodland must file an Affidavit of Candidacy and pay a $2 filing fee with the City during the filing period: July 28 to Aug. 11, 2020. The deadline for withdrawal from the race is Aug. 13, 2020.

To file for office, an individual must be:

  • An eligible voter.
  • 21 years of age or more.
  • A Woodland resident for 30 days before the general election.

Answers to Common Questions about the Presidential Nomination Primary (PNP)

When will the Presidential Primary take place? March 3, 2020.

Will all parties participate? No, only major political parties will participate in the PNP.

Will all parties be on the same ballot? No, each major party will have a separate ballot.

Who decides which candidates will appear on a party's ballot? The chair of each party will submit a list of candidates for the party's ballot no later than 63 days before the date of the Presidential Nomination Primary (which was December 31, 2019).

What if a candidate drops out before the primary? Once a party's list is submitted, changes will not be made to the list of candidates on the ballot.

Will there be a place to write in a choice or vote for "uncommitted"? Only if it is requested by the party chair. Party chairs must submit names of write-in candidates seven days before the primary to be counted.

Will any other offices be on the ballot? No, only presidential candidates will appear on the PNP ballot. Other offices with a primary will be on the primary ballot in August.

How will I be able to vote in the PNP? Registered voters will be able to vote at their polling place on March 3, or by absentee ballot starting January 17, 2020 through the PNP election day. Note, if a voter refuses to select a party, they will not be able to vote in the PNP.

Will other people know which party's ballot I requested? A voter's choice of party ballot will be recorded and is private data. However, a list of who voted in the PNP and the political party each voter selected will be provided to the chair of each major political party. How a voter voted on the the ballot will be secret.

Will parties have to abide by the primary results? Yes, the PNP results must bind the election of delegates in each party.

Who will pay for the PNP? County and municipalities will be reimbursed by the State for the primary costs.

Will there still be precinct caucuses? Yes, precinct caucuses and local and state nominating conventions will still take place to conduct other party business.