Election Information

Our City may take pride in a 90 percent voter turnout on November 3, 2020!

A HUGE thank you to our City Hall Staff and Election Judges who processed 201 absentee (early) ballots and 127 ballots on Election Day. We are deeply grateful to Linvill Properties Inc. who provided space in Deephaven Court so we could create a COVID-19 safe polling place in this exceptional election year.

The results of the Woodland municipal election are as follows:

Mayor (4-year term)
Vince Suerth           240
Write-ins                    11

Council Members (4-year terms) - 2 elected
Juan M. Vazquez    146
Hank Zucker             128
Tom Newberry       161
Write-ins                      8




Woodland Abstract of Votes Cast final

Res. 29-2020 Canvassing of Municipal Election Results

Total Municipal Voting Results 11032020