Fire Department

The fire department has 30 members, all volunteers, who individually train an average of 75 hours each per year.

The department has eight vehicles including two pumper trucks each carrying a minimum of 1000 gallons of water and life saving equipment, a tanker truck carrying 1850 gallons of water, a ladder and bucket truck, and a rescue truck with extensive rescue and life saving equipment as well as a sizable boat, moored on Lake Minnetonka, with pumping capability.

The trucks carrying water have the capability to mix a foaming substance with the water, which increases the fire suppressant capability by a multiple of five (5000 effective gallons of water carried in one truck); this capability alone can extinguish a substantial fire in a 3000-4000 sq. ft. house, comparable to the vast majority of all residential fires.

The Wayzata Fire Department has a mutual aid agreement with surrounding communities which supplements its capability, when needed, in the form of men, engines, equipment and other life saving means.

**The Wayzata Fire Department charges a minimum of $250 per call and $250 per each additional hour for fire calls or false alarms. Individual property owners are responsible for all charges incurred by the City for all calls or false alarms made to private property. Check with your insurance company about their policy for false alarms. Even if the call is immediately cancelled, firefighters may have already been dispatched and you will be billed.

Wayzata Fire Department Documents
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