Sewer, Water, Septic and Wells

The majority of properties in Woodland are served by private septic systems and wells. This is due to the City's topography and large lot sizes.

Wells in Woodland provide safe, clean water that benefits from a softening system due to its high mineral content. If needed, the City provides water testing for residents biannually in even-numbered years. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency provides more information on wells and their maintenance.

Septic systems protect human health and the environment by safely recycling wastewater back into the natural environment. Septic systems treat wastewater as well as, or better than, municipal treatment systems when properly designed, installed, operated, and maintained. Keeping a septic system healthy is easy using a little common sense and following this septic system care sheet. The City provides a free visual check of septic systems every other year to ensure safety and proper functioning.

A compliance inspection is required when planning an addition of a bedroom or bath to an existing home, and if a system is showing signs of failure (smell, soggy ground, leaking or pooling in the yard). MetroWest Septic Services based in Loretto provides all inspection services for the City.

Below is a diagram of a typical septic system. To learn more, watch this 6-minute video.


Septic Service Companies

Pumping the septic tank(s) is recommended every three years at a minimum and pumping records must be sent to City Hall. The contact information provided below is provided as a courtesy and for convenience, it does not imply endorsement.

Duane's Septic Services (St. Michael) 763-497-2764

Elmer J. Peterson Company (Delano) 763-972-2420

Ende Septic Services (Rogers) 763-428-4489

Hennes Septic Pumping (Shakopee) 952-403-0058

Kothrade Sewer Water & Excavating (Hanover) 763-498-8702

Mike's Septic & McKinley Sewer Services (Prior Lake) 952-440-1800

Olson's Sewer Service (Forest Lake) 651-464-2082

Sullivan Septic & Sewer (Belle Plaine) 952-873-3292

Swedlund Services (Belle Plaine) 952-873-3292

Municipal Sewer and Water

The City of Minnetonka provides municipal water service to the neighborhood known as Groveland Homeowners Association and several properties along Stone Arch Road, along the northeast municipal boundary of Woodland adjacent to Minnetonka.

Quarterly Billing
The City of Woodland sends quarterly bills to the households connected to the municipal sewer and water system based on actual usage. Automatic bill payment is available.