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ROW Tree Management Project

The following letter was mailed to all residents on October 26. If you have any questions, please call 952-358-9936.

The City of Woodland is undertaking a city-wide tree management project to clean up trees within the right-of-way that otherwise would come down soon if a strong storm came through. This will include removal of dead and dying trees as well as pruning dead limbs.

The work will be exclusive to the city-owned right-of-way. Since trees have a broad spread, there is a chance that debris may fall onto private property. It will be cleaned up by the crew.

The identification of dead, dying, and diseased trees was done by the City Arborist Manuel Jordán, of Heritage Shade Tree Consultants. We are fortunate to have his expertise in the City.

The tree work will be done by Shorewood Tree Service, who has been Woodland’s tree contractor for more than a decade. Please accommodate them as much as you can, as our streets are very narrow and their equipment is quite large.

Trees will be marked this week, so you may see Manuel Jordán and Randy or Matt Schwerin in the neighborhood. Please welcome them with the respect that their City service merits. (Note: orange tags = removal; yellow = pruning.)

Pre-emptive tree management increases public safety and decreases emergency storm damage. It also supports the overall health of Woodland’s lush tree canopy. By Woodland ordinance, responsibility for trees within the right-of-way falls to the adjacent property owner. Federal funds have made it possible for the City to invest in this one-time tree management project.